lightning network

A curated list of awesome Lightning Network resources, apps, and libraries for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network technology!

Lightning Network Protocol


Implementations of the Lightning Network Protocol

  • LND - Lightning Network Daemon (Golang)
  • eclair - A Scala implementation of the Lightning Network (Scala)
  • lit - Lightning Network node software (Golang)
  • c-lightning - A Lightning Network implementation in C
  • rust-lightning - A Lightning Network implementation in Rust
  • lightning-onion - Onion Routed Micropayments for the Lightning Network (Golang)
  • ptarmigan - C++ BOLT-Compliant Lightning Network Implementation

Specifications / White Papers


Desktop Interfaces

Web Interfaces

  • fulmo - A minimalist c-lightning UI
  • Joule - A browser extension for lnd that enables payments and other interactions with lightning apps (similar to MetaMask)
  • kWh - A browser extension that connects to c-lightning or Eclair nodes and enables interactions with Lightning apps (similar to Joule)
  • kugelblitz - A simple UI for the c-lightning daemon lightningd and bitcoind
  • lncli-web - Light-weight web client for the lnd daemon written in NodeJS / Angular
  • Ride The Lightning - Web Client for LND Daemon written in NodeJS / Angular 7
  • LND-For-WP - WordPress plugin for managing & using your LND Node; WordPress Plugin Directory
  • ThunderHub - Web UI for managing (multiple) LND Nodes written in TypeScript / React

Command Line Interfaces

  • bos – Balance of satoshis - Advanced tool for LND with powerful rebalancing options and telegram bot support written in NodeJS
  • charge-lnd - policy based fee manager for LND
  • lntop - TUI-based interactive channels dashboard for Unix systems
  • rebalance-lnd - A script that can be used to balance lightning channels of a lnd node
  • suez - Tool for pretty printing and optimizing Lightning Network channels

Mobile applications



Developer Resources


  • Polar - One-click Bitcoin Lightning networks for local app development & testing
  • Lightning Cash - An app for gifting satoshis
  • Lightning Gifts - Another app for gifting satoshis


  • FileBazzar - Sell digital files with Lightning
  • Lighter - LN node wrapper for c-lightning, eclair and LND (Python)
  • lightning-charge-client-js - JavaScript client for lightning-charge
  • lightning-charge-client-php - PHP client for lightning-charge
  • lightning-charge - A simple drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments (Javascript)
  • lightning-integration - Lightning Integration Testing Framework
  • lightning-payencode - Minimal QR-code-ready encoding for requesting lightning payments
  • lightning-php - PHP client for direct RPC-based access to the c-lightning daemon
  • LightningJ - LND Integration API for Java
  • ln-paywall - Go middleware for monetizing APIs on a per-request basis with Lightning
  • ln-service - Lightning REST Service
  • lncall - LND implementation of paypercall
  • lnrpc - Auto-generated LND RPC interface with Typescript type definition support
  • lseed - A DNS seed for the Lightning Network
  • paypercall - Charge for HTTP APIs on a per-per-call basis with Lightning
  • webln - An app library & set of standards for communication between apps and Lightning clients in the browser (similar to Web3)
  • woocommerce-gateway-lightning - A WooCommerce gateway for lightning payments
  • wordpress-lightning-publisher - Lightning Publisher for WordPress
  • glightning - Golang based plugin for c-lightning
  • lightningd-gjson-rpc - gjson-based RPC client for c-lightning.
  • Sitzprobe - A c-lightning plugin that actively sends test payments through the lightning network allowing finding and/or deprecating channels for the payments
  • get-lightning-paid - A Flask REST API to generate lightning invoices and payment confirmations
  • lnd-sql - Output the lnd node data in a relational SQL database
  • Dazaar - A library for selling data over a P2P network.


Example Projects

  • ilp-lightning-demo - Demo sending payments between Bitcoin and Litecoin Lightning Networks using Interledger
  • lightning-coindesk - An example news app exemplifying Lightning Network micropayments integration


Learning Resources